Thursday, January 4, 2024

How do I get a Payoneer Card?

With a Payoneer card, easily access your funds anytime, anywhere. Your card is linked to your Payoneer balance, available digitally or physically. Use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted: ATMs, stores, and online. Payoneer cards are available in USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD.

Before activating your Payoneer card, you must receive at least 100 USD or the equivalent in your account. If you receive payments in more than one currency, consider ordering a card for each separate currency.

Once your card is active, you can choose the balance to keep your card and control how and when funds are added to your card: top up your card with funds from your Payoneer account balance, either automatically or manually. 

Due to local regulations, Payoneer can no longer issue or support cards for customers with a postal or actual address in the Russian Federation or India.


我如何獲得 Payoneer 卡?

使用 Payoneer 卡,隨時隨地輕鬆存取您的資金。 您的卡與您的 Payoneer 餘額相關聯,可以透過數位或實體方式使用。 在接受萬事達卡的任何地方都可以使用它:ATM、商店和網路。 Payoneer 卡支援美元、歐元、英鎊和加元。

在啟動您的 Payoneer 卡之前,您的帳戶中必須收到至少 100 美元或等值金額。 如果您收到多種貨幣的付款,請考慮為每種不同的貨幣訂購一張卡。

一旦您的卡片處於活動狀態,您就可以選擇保留您的卡片的餘額並控制向您的卡片添加資金的方式和時間:自動或手動從您的 Payoneer 帳戶餘額中為您的卡片充值。

根據當地法規,Payoneer 無法再為郵寄地址或實際地址位於俄羅斯聯邦或印度的客戶發行或支援卡。

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