Thursday, January 4, 2024

How do I use the Payoneer mobile app?

The Payoneer mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. The new Payoneer mobile app setup is easy and intuitive. Request payments, get paid, and make payments all on the go. 

The Payoneer mobile app is constantly updated with new features. You can manage all of your payments and funds. Pay suppliers and contractors, withdraw funds to bank accounts, request client payments, and manage currencies. Check out our new mobile app payment request experience.

Inside the app you can see exactly what’s going on inside your account. Instantly check all your currency and card balances, track all account transactions, and view available funds on your prepaid card (if you have one).

You can also manage your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercards® and handle any card-related activities from the app. Order and activate new cards, find out how much you can get from an ATM, see your recent transaction history, retrieve your card PIN, and get real-time updates with enabled push notifications, all from the palm of your hand.


如何使用 Payoneer 行動應用程式?

Payoneer 行動應用程式適用於 iOS 和 Android。 新的 Payoneer 行動應用程式設定簡單直覺。 隨時隨地請求付款、收款和付款。

Payoneer 行動應用程式不斷更新新功能。 您可以管理您的所有付款和資金。 向供應商和承包商付款、提取資金到銀行帳戶、請求客戶付款以及管理貨幣。 查看我們新的行動應用程式付款請求體驗。

在應用程式內,您可以準確地看到帳戶內發生的情況。 立即檢查您的所有貨幣和卡片餘額,追蹤所有帳戶交易,並查看預付卡(如果您有預付卡)上的可用資金。

您還可以透過應用程式管理您的 Payoneer Prepaid Mastercards® 並處理任何與卡片相關的活動。 訂購並啟動新卡,了解您可以從ATM 機提取多少錢,查看您最近的交易歷史記錄,檢索您的卡PIN 碼,並透過啟用的推播通知獲取即時更新,所有這些都在您的手掌中完成。

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