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How do I receive payments with Payoneer?

Payoneer offers you several ways to get paid. Receiving accounts allow you to accept funds straight into your Payoneer account. They act just like bank account details would. 

There are two types of receiving accounts: local receiving accounts, which let you get paid via local bank transfer from companies in different countries as if you had a local bank account in that country, and SWIFT (Wire) receiving accounts, which let you get paid by wire transfer worldwide. You can use a SWIFT (Wire) receiving account to receive payments from companies located in countries where local receiving accounts aren’t supported. 

Local receiving accounts work just like a bank account. Just request a local receiving account for the country and currency you need. We’ll provide bank details which you can give to the client or marketplace you need to get paid by. The company uses these 

details to send you a bank transfer and the funds land your Payoneer account.You can then withdraw the funds to your local bank account or to your Payoneer card, which you can use at ATMs, stores, or online anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. You’ll also have the chance to check the status of any payment quickly on the web or via the Payoneer mobile app. 

Companies can transfer payments using your receiving account details, but you cannot charge your receiving account. Any charge attempts will be declined.


我該如何透過 Payoneer 接收付款?

Payoneer 為您提供多種收款方式。 收款帳戶可讓您直接將資金存入您的 Payoneer 帳戶。 它們的作用就像銀行帳戶詳細資訊一樣。

有兩種類型的收款帳戶:本地收款帳戶,可讓您透過來自不同國家/地區的公司的本地銀行轉帳方式獲得付款,就像您在該國家/地區擁有本地銀行帳戶一樣;以及SWIFT(電匯)收款帳戶,可讓您透過本地銀行轉帳方式從不同國家/地區的公司獲得付款。透過全球電匯支付。 您可以使用 SWIFT(電匯)收款帳戶從不支援本地收款帳戶的國家/地區的公司接收付款。

本地收款帳戶的運作方式與銀行帳戶類似。 只需申請一個適合您需求的國家/地區和貨幣的本地收款帳戶。 我們將提供銀行詳細信息,您可以將其提供給您需要接收付款的客戶或市場。 公司使用這些

向您發送銀行轉帳的詳細信息,資金將存入您的Payoneer 帳戶。然後,您可以將資金提取到您的本地銀行帳戶或您的Payoneer 卡,您可以在ATM、商店或接受Mastercard® 的任何地方使用該卡。 您還有機會在網路上或透過 Payoneer 行動應用程式快速檢查任何付款的狀態。

本公司可以使用您的收款帳戶詳細資料進行轉賬,但您無法向您的收款帳戶收取費用。 任何收費嘗試都將被拒絕。

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