Thursday, January 4, 2024

How do I request a payment?

Payoneer allows you to request a payment from anyone in the world by sending a request straight to their email.

Simply enter the client’s details and requested payment amount, attach an invoice or create one, and submit. That’s it! On the other end, the client is notified of the payment request and can pay the request immediately with a credit card or a bank transfer. You can track your payment request’s status and receive a notification once payment has been made. You can withdraw funds to a bank account or use them to pay for other Payoneer services when the funds are available. Want to see the whole process in action? Check out our video tutorial.



Payoneer 允許您透過直接向世界上任何人的電子郵件發送請求來請求付款。

只需輸入客戶的詳細資料和要求的付款金額,附上發票或建立發票,然後提交。 就是這樣! 在另一端,客戶會收到付款請求的通知,並可以立即使用信用卡或銀行轉帳付款請求。 您可以追蹤付款請求的狀態並在付款後收到通知。 您可以將資金提取到銀行帳戶,或在資金可用時使用它們來支付其他 Payoneer 服務的費用。 想要看到整個過程的實際效果嗎? 查看我們的影片教學。

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