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Thursday, January 4, 2024

How do I use Payoneer Checkout?

Checkout offers sound payment solutions for scaling and growth. Checkout allows you to consolidate earnings from webstores and marketplace, boost conversions, increase revenue, and enhance visibility.

Payoneer Checkout makes it easy to grow your online ecommerce business when you launch or step up your webstore business. Our Checkout payment acceptance solution allows merchants to accept online card payments in several supported currencies from their customers quickly and safely when they shop online at their online stores. Manage independent webstore sales; use as your single-stop shop to view all incoming transactions and manage all your payments in one place. Estimate payment arrivals, issue refunds, and access customer purchase records. Easily navigate the Checkout dashboard to view your sales, refunds, and settlements in various currencies and countries, all on the web or the mobile app. Use Payoneer Checkout integration to allow your customers to pay online.


如何使用 Payoneer Checkout?

Checkout 提供完善的支付解決方案以實現擴展和成長。 Checkout 讓您可以整合網路商店和市場的收入、提高轉換率、增加收入並提高知名度。

當您啟動或加強網路商店業務時,Payoneer Checkout 可讓您輕鬆發展線上電子商務業務。 我們的 Checkout 付款接受解決方案允許商家在客戶在其線上商店在線購物時快速、安全地接受客戶以多種支援貨幣進行的線上卡付款。 管理獨立網上商店的銷售; 用作您的一站式商店,在一個地方查看所有傳入交易並管理您的所有付款。 估計付款到達、發放退款並存取客戶購買記錄。 輕鬆導航 Checkout 儀表板,以各種貨幣和國家/地區查看您的銷售、退款和結算,所有這些都可以在網路或行動應用程式上進行。 使用 Payoneer Checkout 整合允許您的客戶在線支付。

How do I use working capital?

The Payoneer Capital Advance program gives you access cash now. Future earnings secure flexible working capital solutions today.

Available to Amazon and Walmart sellers as well as any small business owner receiving payments in USD, Payoneer working capital solutions provide adaptable funding that you can tailor to your business needs. Choose from a range of amounts with varying times to settle. The greater the time to settle, the more funds you can get and the greater the opportunity to leverage your funding.

Payoneer sends Capital Advance offers automatically to users for their eligible stores (the stores’ payment history and predicted future sales determine eligibility). These offers are pre-approved without needing personal guarantees or collateral provided in advance. Users receive funds in minutes once they accept an offer.

When you accept a Capital Advance offer, you receive an advance on upcoming marketplace earnings or expected receivables based on your account history. We essentially purchase a part of your future receivables equivalent to the Capital Advance amount, and charge one fixed fee which is settled together, gradually from your future marketplace earnings until the settlement is complete.



Payoneer Capital Advance 計劃讓您立即獲得現金。 未來的收益確保了今天的靈活營運資金解決方案。

Payoneer 營運資金解決方案可供亞馬遜和沃爾瑪賣家以及任何接受美元付款的小型企業主使用,它提供了適應性強的資金,您可以根據自己的業務需求進行客製化。 從一系列金額和不同時間的結算中進行選擇。 結算時間越長,您可以獲得的資金就越多,利用資金的機會就越大。

Payoneer 會自動向用戶發送符合資格的商店的 Capital Advance 優惠(商店的付款歷史記錄和預測的未來銷售額決定資格)。 這些優惠均已預先批准,無需提前提供個人擔保或抵押品。 用戶接受報價後幾分鐘內即可收到資金。

當您接受資本預付款要約時,您會根據您的帳戶歷史記錄收到即將到來的市場收入或預期應收帳款的預付款。 我們實質上是購買您未來應收帳款中相當於資本預付款金額的一部分,並收取一筆固定費用,該費用從您未來的市場收入中逐步結算,直至結算完成。

How do I use the Payoneer mobile app?

The Payoneer mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. The new Payoneer mobile app setup is easy and intuitive. Request payments, get paid, and make payments all on the go. 

The Payoneer mobile app is constantly updated with new features. You can manage all of your payments and funds. Pay suppliers and contractors, withdraw funds to bank accounts, request client payments, and manage currencies. Check out our new mobile app payment request experience.

Inside the app you can see exactly what’s going on inside your account. Instantly check all your currency and card balances, track all account transactions, and view available funds on your prepaid card (if you have one).

You can also manage your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercards® and handle any card-related activities from the app. Order and activate new cards, find out how much you can get from an ATM, see your recent transaction history, retrieve your card PIN, and get real-time updates with enabled push notifications, all from the palm of your hand.


如何使用 Payoneer 行動應用程式?

Payoneer 行動應用程式適用於 iOS 和 Android。 新的 Payoneer 行動應用程式設定簡單直覺。 隨時隨地請求付款、收款和付款。

Payoneer 行動應用程式不斷更新新功能。 您可以管理您的所有付款和資金。 向供應商和承包商付款、提取資金到銀行帳戶、請求客戶付款以及管理貨幣。 查看我們新的行動應用程式付款請求體驗。

在應用程式內,您可以準確地看到帳戶內發生的情況。 立即檢查您的所有貨幣和卡片餘額,追蹤所有帳戶交易,並查看預付卡(如果您有預付卡)上的可用資金。

您還可以透過應用程式管理您的 Payoneer Prepaid Mastercards® 並處理任何與卡片相關的活動。 訂購並啟動新卡,了解您可以從ATM 機提取多少錢,查看您最近的交易歷史記錄,檢索您的卡PIN 碼,並透過啟用的推播通知獲取即時更新,所有這些都在您的手掌中完成。

How do I get a Payoneer Card?

With a Payoneer card, easily access your funds anytime, anywhere. Your card is linked to your Payoneer balance, available digitally or physically. Use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted: ATMs, stores, and online. Payoneer cards are available in USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD.

Before activating your Payoneer card, you must receive at least 100 USD or the equivalent in your account. If you receive payments in more than one currency, consider ordering a card for each separate currency.

Once your card is active, you can choose the balance to keep your card and control how and when funds are added to your card: top up your card with funds from your Payoneer account balance, either automatically or manually. 

Due to local regulations, Payoneer can no longer issue or support cards for customers with a postal or actual address in the Russian Federation or India.


我如何獲得 Payoneer 卡?

使用 Payoneer 卡,隨時隨地輕鬆存取您的資金。 您的卡與您的 Payoneer 餘額相關聯,可以透過數位或實體方式使用。 在接受萬事達卡的任何地方都可以使用它:ATM、商店和網路。 Payoneer 卡支援美元、歐元、英鎊和加元。

在啟動您的 Payoneer 卡之前,您的帳戶中必須收到至少 100 美元或等值金額。 如果您收到多種貨幣的付款,請考慮為每種不同的貨幣訂購一張卡。

一旦您的卡片處於活動狀態,您就可以選擇保留您的卡片的餘額並控制向您的卡片添加資金的方式和時間:自動或手動從您的 Payoneer 帳戶餘額中為您的卡片充值。

根據當地法規,Payoneer 無法再為郵寄地址或實際地址位於俄羅斯聯邦或印度的客戶發行或支援卡。

How do I withdraw funds to my bank account?

Easily withdraw funds quickly and then transfer those funds to local banks. Use the web or mobile app to withdraw!

To withdraw funds to your bank account, simply sign into your Payoneer account and click the “Withdraw” tab. Select “To Bank Account” and enter the bank details where you want to receive your funds. Review the details, confirm them, and click ‘Withdraw.” That’s it! We will send you a confirmation with your withdrawal details, and you will receive your funds within 2-5 business days. The process is just as simple and secure when you use the Payoneer mobile app to withdraw funds from your account too!



輕鬆快速地提取資金,然後將這些資金轉移到當地銀行。 使用網路或行動應用程式提款!

要將資金提取到您的銀行帳戶,只需登入您的 Payoneer 帳戶並點擊「提款」標籤即可。 選擇「至銀行帳戶」並輸入您想要接收資金的銀行詳細資料。 查看詳細資訊並確認,然後按一下「提款」。 就是這樣! 我們將向您發送包含提款詳細資訊的確認訊息,您將在 2-5 個工作天內收到資金。 當您使用 Payoneer 行動應用程式從您的帳戶提取資金時,該過程同樣簡單且安全!

How do I request a payment?

Payoneer allows you to request a payment from anyone in the world by sending a request straight to their email.

Simply enter the client’s details and requested payment amount, attach an invoice or create one, and submit. That’s it! On the other end, the client is notified of the payment request and can pay the request immediately with a credit card or a bank transfer. You can track your payment request’s status and receive a notification once payment has been made. You can withdraw funds to a bank account or use them to pay for other Payoneer services when the funds are available. Want to see the whole process in action? Check out our video tutorial.



Payoneer 允許您透過直接向世界上任何人的電子郵件發送請求來請求付款。

只需輸入客戶的詳細資料和要求的付款金額,附上發票或建立發票,然後提交。 就是這樣! 在另一端,客戶會收到付款請求的通知,並可以立即使用信用卡或銀行轉帳付款請求。 您可以追蹤付款請求的狀態並在付款後收到通知。 您可以將資金提取到銀行帳戶,或在資金可用時使用它們來支付其他 Payoneer 服務的費用。 想要看到整個過程的實際效果嗎? 查看我們的影片教學。

How do I send a payment?

Using Payoneer to send money is convenient. Send payments to nearly anywhere in the world quickly and easily! 

It works like this: Simply sign in to your Payoneer account on the web or the mobile app, click “Pay,” and then “Make a Payment.” Next, enter or select the email address of the person or company you want to pay, choose your payment method, and enter the amount you wish to pay. Type in a brief description of what you are paying for, click “Pay Now,” and you’re all done. We will send your payment immediately and your recipient will usually receive it within two hours. You will receive a notification when the recipient has received the funds. You and the recipient can track your payment status at any point. Want to keep track of multiple account payments on the go? No problem, just use the Payoneer mobile app. It’s that easy!



使用 Payoneer 匯款很方便。 快速輕鬆地向世界上幾乎任何地方發送付款!

它的工作原理如下:只需在網路或行動應用程式上登入您的 Payoneer 帳戶,點擊“付款”,然後點擊“付款”。 接下來,輸入或選擇您想要付款的個人或公司的電子郵件地址,選擇您的付款方式,然後輸入您想要支付的金額。 輸入您要支付的費用的簡短描述,點擊“立即支付”,一切就完成了。 我們將立即發送您的付款,您的收款人通常會在兩小時內收到。 當收款人收到款項後,您將收到通知。 您和收款人可以隨時追蹤您的付款狀態。 想要隨時隨地追蹤多個帳戶的付款情況嗎? 沒問題,只需使用 Payoneer 行動應用程式即可。 就是這麼簡單!

How do I receive payments with Payoneer?

Payoneer offers you several ways to get paid. Receiving accounts allow you to accept funds straight into your Payoneer account. They act just like bank account details would. 

There are two types of receiving accounts: local receiving accounts, which let you get paid via local bank transfer from companies in different countries as if you had a local bank account in that country, and SWIFT (Wire) receiving accounts, which let you get paid by wire transfer worldwide. You can use a SWIFT (Wire) receiving account to receive payments from companies located in countries where local receiving accounts aren’t supported. 

Local receiving accounts work just like a bank account. Just request a local receiving account for the country and currency you need. We’ll provide bank details which you can give to the client or marketplace you need to get paid by. The company uses these 

details to send you a bank transfer and the funds land your Payoneer account.You can then withdraw the funds to your local bank account or to your Payoneer card, which you can use at ATMs, stores, or online anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. You’ll also have the chance to check the status of any payment quickly on the web or via the Payoneer mobile app. 

Companies can transfer payments using your receiving account details, but you cannot charge your receiving account. Any charge attempts will be declined.


我該如何透過 Payoneer 接收付款?

Payoneer 為您提供多種收款方式。 收款帳戶可讓您直接將資金存入您的 Payoneer 帳戶。 它們的作用就像銀行帳戶詳細資訊一樣。

有兩種類型的收款帳戶:本地收款帳戶,可讓您透過來自不同國家/地區的公司的本地銀行轉帳方式獲得付款,就像您在該國家/地區擁有本地銀行帳戶一樣;以及SWIFT(電匯)收款帳戶,可讓您透過本地銀行轉帳方式從不同國家/地區的公司獲得付款。透過全球電匯支付。 您可以使用 SWIFT(電匯)收款帳戶從不支援本地收款帳戶的國家/地區的公司接收付款。

本地收款帳戶的運作方式與銀行帳戶類似。 只需申請一個適合您需求的國家/地區和貨幣的本地收款帳戶。 我們將提供銀行詳細信息,您可以將其提供給您需要接收付款的客戶或市場。 公司使用這些

向您發送銀行轉帳的詳細信息,資金將存入您的Payoneer 帳戶。然後,您可以將資金提取到您的本地銀行帳戶或您的Payoneer 卡,您可以在ATM、商店或接受Mastercard® 的任何地方使用該卡。 您還有機會在網路上或透過 Payoneer 行動應用程式快速檢查任何付款的狀態。

本公司可以使用您的收款帳戶詳細資料進行轉賬,但您無法向您的收款帳戶收取費用。 任何收費嘗試都將被拒絕。

How do I set up my Payoneer account?

To receive global deposits and payments, open a Payoneer account! The account setup requires basic info and takes approimately three business days to be verified. Once verified, you’re ready to receive payments.

Alternatively, if you are working with a company that offers Payoneer as a direct payment solution, just select Payoneer as your payment method and sign in to your account.

Note that your username is the email address associated with your Payoneer account.


如何設定我的 Payoneer 帳戶?

要接收全球存款和付款,請開設 Payoneer 帳戶! 帳戶設定需要基本訊息,並且大約需要三個工作天才能驗證。 驗證後,您就可以接收付款了。

或者,如果您正在與提供 Payoneer 作為直接付款解決方案的公司合作,只需選擇 Payoneer 作為您的付款方式並登入您的帳戶即可。

請注意,您的使用者名稱是與您的 Payoneer 帳戶關聯的電子郵件地址。

How to use Payoneer

Want to make and receive cross-border payments with ease? Payoneer gives you access to a universe of opportunities to make international payments, receive funds, and much more to run your global business. Read on to learn about how to get started using Payoneer today.



想要輕鬆進行和接收跨境付款嗎? Payoneer 為您提供大量進行國際支付、接收資金等的機會來經營您的全球業務。 請繼續閱讀,了解如何立即開始使用 Payoneer。

How do I use Payoneer Checkout?

Checkout offers sound payment solutions for scaling and growth. Checkout allows you to consolidate earnings from webstores and marketplace, ...